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Message From The President, Carol Clark

Less is more

Though in the healthcare industry, maybe not so much…

The aging of our country and the fact that approximately a third of the United States’ population has a chronic medical condition fuel healthcare’s place as the largest employer in the country.  The associated boom in technology, the consolidation of health systems, and declining reimbursements all require us to manage this unprecedented growth in healthcare services in the face of paradoxically declining means.  We juggle a dizzying array of tasks, roles, and responsibilities with significantly fewer resources and supports.   As professionals in the various fields of healthcare risk management, we navigate this complex environment with the lofty yet practical goals of mitigating risk and advancing patient safety and quality, toward our ultimate purpose of reducing and preventing harm.

These cumulative and continuing changes have expanded the breadth and complexity of situations that face us on any given day, and challenge us to develop solutions that are beyond what our known risk management playbooks may provide.  There is no magic bullet.  Rather, there is access to myriad guidance, whether clinical, technical, or legal, as well as old-fashioned due diligence completed by scrupulously working through the issues facing our organizations.

There can also be a little help from our friends.  Our PASHRM history states that the “exchange of information and solutions to mutual problems may be PASHRM’s most significant benefit – access to a wealth of knowledge from members who are leaders in the field of healthcare risk management.”  That collective wealth of knowledge could help to prevent the reinvention of a process wheel for one of your colleagues in the field or help identify improvements to one of your own.   To facilitate this collective growth, please email your ideas for presentations that speak to the problems you face.  Pass along articles or other literature for posting on the website.  Consider speaking at a meeting or volunteering to serve on the board.  Linger at the end of a meeting to get to know your fellow members and share how things are going in your various worlds of risk management. These collective contributions store the value of what we do.  Let’s all share the wealth.

Carol Clark, BSN, RN, MJ

President - PASHRM

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